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Integrative approach to finding the underlying cause of disease and promote wellness by focusing on the unique biochemistry of each patient.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Get your life and vitality back. It is now possible to replenish your hormones to 20-30 year-old levels.

Customized Nutrition and Weight Loss

Learning proper nutrition is the key to unlocking your body’s potential to look and feel great again.

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“I am eternally grateful for Dr. Breen. Once he optimized my hormone levels it was like I got my life back. At 55 years old, my mood improved, my sex life returned and I had energy to give to my family again. I realized it wasn’t a red corvette I needed, it was testosterone and thyroid!”
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What are the Signs of Menopause in Women

Right now there are tens of thousands of women in the United States who are experiencing the symptoms and signs of menopause and struggling to figure out why they feel
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Best Treatment For Low Libido in Men

You are lying next to your wife in bed thinking “I hope she doesn’t want to have sex tonight” because the thought of falling asleep is much more appealing than
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Testosterone for Women

Women and Their Sex Drive

I can not tell you how many women in their late 30’s and older come to me saying “If I never had sex again I would be fine with it.
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Treating Surgical Menopause: Dr. Sean Breen Explains

Thousands of women have their uterus and ovaries removed every year and immediately get forced into menopause. Their estradiol, progesterone and testosterone levels bottom out and they become very symptomatic.
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No Sex = Frustrated Marriage: Dr. Sean Breen Explains, Hormone Replacement

In my day to day business I get to speak to many married men and women about their health and happiness. As part of my initial consult I always ask
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Understanding Your Thyroid Labs: Dr. Sean Breen Explains

One of the things I love to do is teach patients about physiology and really get them to understand their blood work.   Thyroid studies are the most intricate and
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