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Integrative approach to finding the underlying cause of disease and promote wellness by focusing on the unique biochemistry of each patient.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Get your life and vitality back. It is now possible to replenish your hormones to 20-30 year-old levels.

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Learning proper nutrition is the key to unlocking your body’s potential to look and feel great again.

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“I went to see Dr. Breen because I (a 33 yr old male) was feeling fatigued, losing muscle mass, gaining fat and irritable all the time…I left Dr. Breen’s office that day with the knowledge of what was REALLY causing my problems and a solution for those problems.”

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The Best Treatment Approach to Obesity

It is no secret that Americans are getting fatter at an alarming rate and the obesity statistics are becoming very concerning for doctors and health care practitioners. Obesity is associated
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Understanding the importance of Testosterone Replacement

Would you take them something that caused accumulation of fat, bone loss, loss of muscle, depression, fatigue, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, heart disease and early dementia? Obviously that is
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What is Male Menopause?

You’re 40 years old and one day realized that you just went a week without thinking about sex, you are starting have some erectile dysfunction, you have little to no
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Estrogen Cream for Menopause

If you are going through menopause and experiencing the symptoms of low estrogen then this article is for you.  I am going to explain why all women who have low
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Weight Loss

Best Kept Secret To Weight Loss

Obesity in the United States is becoming an epidemic and there are more books written about diets to lose weight than any other health care topic. Men and women are
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Heart Attack

The Heart Attack Test

We all know or have read about that “healthy” friend, acquaintance or relative that dropped dead of a heart attack out of the blue.   The reason it was such a
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