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Hormone Replacement For Men

Get your life and vitality back.  Better sex, more energy, and weight loss.

Hormone Replacement For Women

Get your life and vitality back.  Say goodbye to symptoms of PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Get your life and vitality back.  Learn how hormone deficiencies are causing your symptoms


Customized Nutrition and Weight Loss

Learning proper nutrition is the key to unlocking your body’s potential to look and feel great again.


Thyroid Care

Get you life and vitality back. Say goodbye to weight gain, fatigue and hair loss.


Heart Attack Prevention

Learning proper nutrition is the key to unlocking your body’s potential to look and feel great again.

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“I went to see Dr. Breen because I (a 33 yr old male) was feeling fatigued, losing muscle mass, gaining fat and irritable all the time…I left Dr. Breen’s office that day with the knowledge of what was REALLY causing my problems and a solution for those problems.”

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Male on Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone Replacement Reduces Risk of Diabetes

When it comes to making a decision of whether or not to start using testosterone replacement, it is important you arm yourself with medical facts based on peer reviewed published
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Hormone Imbalance Test

Take The Hormone Imbalance Test: Women

Although hormones work synergistically in the body to keep our cells functioning optimally, there are classic signs and symptoms for each hormone if there is an excess or deficiency.    This
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Women with hormone imbalance symptoms.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms in Women: Perimenopause

At some point in life every women will start to experience symptoms of hormone imbalance. For most women this happens in their 4th decade of life and is often referred
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Bioidentical Hormone Testosterone Side Effects

Bioidentical Hormone Side Effects

As of February 2016, there are thousands of men walking into doctors offices complaining of plow sex drive, declining energy levels, weight gain, erectile dysfunction and declining workouts due to
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Anti Aging Patient

What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

In the last 10 years you may have noticed more and more doctors discussing anti-aging medicine.    I see anti-aging medicine as the future of how we approach patient care.   But
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Losing Weight on Diet

What is the best diet for optimal health?

Men and women come into my office in different states of health and wellness and ask me the same question.  What is the best diet to lose weight and achieve
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